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Rebar Conditions:


StaalX identifies rebar conditions under three categories.  "Good", "Fair", "Any" condition.  If the buyer doesn't require perfectly blue condition rebar and completely straight pieces, "Fair" and "Any" conditions can provide significant savings in materials cost.  Below guidelines are what you can expect in your various conditions when you make a purchase at StaalX.


Steel oxidizes naturally in open storage under atmospheric conditions.  But that does not necessarily mean a bad condition for steel reinforcement.  Mill scale and some rust enhance the bond between concrete and steel.  Both ASTM standard and CRSI's  (Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute) field guide allow some rust on rebars.    Rebars with moderate, and even heavy rust can also be used without cleaning as long as deformation pattern is clearly visible and no section loss has been determined. 

For the main categories of conditions, StaalX identifies rust as:

GOOD: Blue to Light Rust
FAIR: Light to Moderate Rust
ANY  Moderate to Heavy Rust - No Warranties are provided for rust conditions.


You should expect no bent bars for the "Good" condition rebar except maximum 2 pieces for #3 rebar bundle.  For "Fair" and "Any" conditions, some number of bent bars per bundle should be expected.  All bent pieces should be bent no more than 45 degrees and could be used with simple straightening. 





#3 Bent Bars per Bundle < 2 < 5 < 10
#4 Bent Bars per Bundle 0 < 3 < 6
#5 Bent Bars per Bundle 0 < 2 < 4
#6 Bent Bars per Bundle 0 < 1 < 2
#7 Bent Bars per Bundle 0 < 1 < 2
#8  Bent Bars per Bundle 0 < 1 < 2
Rust Condition No Rust to Light Rust Light to Moderate Rust Moderate to Heavy Rust