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Buyer is responsible to order products accurately, according to size, length and grade, as well as origin and condition.  It is very important that the buyer is aware and orders products according to StaalX Rebar Conditions described here.  Certain conditions such as “Any” does not come with rust warranty.  For those items, no claims are accepted for rust conditions.  For “No Grade” items, no mill test certificates are provided and no claims are accepted for physical and chemical properties. 


If any item is wrongly ordered, please inform StaalX at support@staalx.com immediately, so we can look for remedies. 




Buyers can cancel their orders within 72 hours (3 calendar days) of placing their order.  There is no cancellation fee provided the pickup and delivery has not taken place and that there is no “Truck Ordered – Not Used” (TONU) charges.  TONU charged at $150 if the load is not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to pickup. 


If your load has been picked up and you must still cancel, cancellations fees will apply up to full truck freight rate plus restocking fee. 


Cancelations are not possible after products are delivered. 





In the unlikely event if the products do not meet your expectations, please inform us immediately upon receiving your delivery.  Please take digital photos of the condition of your load, in general and close up.  Please unload the truck but keep the products subject to the claim aside and do not consume them.  If the products are used or processed we can no longer identify or confirm your claim.  Please identify the problem and send us those digital pictures to attend your claim as soon as possible. 


Buyers have 3 working days to notify StaalX of any claims.  Any claims received after 3 working days of the delivery date will be time-barred.  


After receiving claim notification, StaalX will quickly attend your claim and find commercial remedies.  If any of the items you bought do not match the conditions of your purchase, StaalX may issue a discount or a partial refund, or will accept a full return and a full refund.  Buyers’ responsibility is to work with StaalX to find the least costly option to remedy to buyer’s satisfaction.  StaalX may request further pictures, documents and proof of the claim and may assign a surveyor to inspect the material. 





Products sold by StaalX come with warranty except “No Grade” rebar.  Producer warranties pass through StaalX like any other distributor.  All warranty claim will be handled through the supply chain.