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Sales Affiliates and Market Development Advisors Programs


Sales Affiliates: Let's sell rebars together…


If you are an industry insider with valuable contacts of rebar buyers who could benefit from StaalX's inventory and ready-to-ship competitive offers, this program is for you. StaalX offers a simple affiliate partner application and set-up, allowing you to start earning commissions quickly while helping your contacts book competitive rebars for their needs.


Simply create  a cart with delivery location and a quote can be sent to your buyer contacts.  Our system tracks the quotes generated by our affiliates.  If the quote turns into a sale, our affiliates earn a commission and get paid quickly. 

Commission amounts are determined from the gains of StaalX's additional services to buyers, such as trucking and financing but no less than $3 per short tons.  The more StaalX earns, the more our affiliate partners earn. 


Put your knowledge in to work to generate income.  Keep track of your quotes and commission within StaalX. Check Affiliate Seller Terms and Conditions and sign up. 


Market Development Advisors


Market Development Advisors are dedicated associates of StaalX serving to increase the number of buyers and sellers in the marketplace with long term royalty programs.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Business Development team, and in building a wider buyers and sellers marketplace for StaalX, please contact us at support@staalx.com for details.