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Frequently Asked Questions

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StaalX is an online marketplace platform specifically designed for buying and selling reinforcing bars (rebars).  Buyers get hassle free instant quotes for their delivery location, and get their orders delivered the next day or the delivery date of their choice. 

We sell American Standard ASTM 615 and ASTM 706 rebars, primarily #3 through #8, Grade 40, Grade 60 and no grade in lengths of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 foot.  All bundles are piece counted and are billed based on theoretical weights.  Buyers can choose condition and origin of the bars based on their preferences.

All orders are delivered to the desired delivery address.  Orders placed before 10 am local time, will be delivered as early as next day.  If the delivery address requires long haul, the system will advise earliest possible delivery date.  Buyers are able to enter their delivery instructions in their orders.  Order tracking is enabled on StaalX Website and through e-mail updates.

No, buyers can order less than a truck, as little as a bundle if they would like.  However, trucking cost is a significant cost of the bottom line invoice. Orders less than 46,000 lbs. will be subject to partial truck load delivery fee.  Buyers are able to see the delivery fees while they are filling out their order.    Orders with minimum 45,000 lbs and maximum 48,000 lbs will be considered full-truck and will not be subject to delivery fees. 

Enter your delivery address, date, sizes and grades in to the search box.   Based on the results, start adding bundles to your truck.  Fill out the truck or pay dead freight for less than a truck load. 

Buyers can cancel their orders up to 3 calendar days from order placement provided the order hasn't shipped out yet.  

We accept all major credit cards or ACH transfers. A credit card or payment processing fee will be charged for credit card and ACH payments during your checkout. We also allow buyers to chose "Pay Later" options and provide instant or quick credit approval. Fees for "Pay Later" option will also apply during the checkout.

Buyers buy directly from StaalX and Sellers sell directly to StaalX.  No information exchange takes place between buyer and seller. 

Reputable and reliable sellers can post their inventory on StaalX after seller onboarding and approval. Sellers have to abide the rebar condition criteria and Seller Terms and Conditions of StaalX.

All registered users of StaalX can become an affiliate with approval.  Run a free cart to a specific address and forward the cart to interested buyer contacts.  When the buyer contact purchases the cart, affiliate receives a commission from the sale.  Commission amounts are determined on the overall margins from the business booked.

Yes, mill test certificates are provided for all items except "No Grade" rebar. 

StaalX lists rebars as "GOOD", "FAIR" and "ANY" conditions.

Good condition means bundles with no bent pieces and good to light rust condition. Fair condition means bundles with some bent pieces based on the size and moderate rust condition. Any condition means, bundles with some bent pieces and moderate to heavy rust condition. Further description of the conditions, allowed number of bent pieces by size, and rust scale are listed in the following link https://staalx.com/page/rebar-conditions-description


If the products delivered do not meet your expectations, we will take it back or give you credit to make it good. We are aiming nothing but your full satisfaction. Please refer to our Claims, Warranties, Cancellations, Refund Policy for further details https://staalx.com/page/CWCR-Policy

Contact us at +1 (708) 69 REBAR or +1 (708) 697-3227 for a US based live representative or send us an e-mail at support@staalx.com