Rebar ordering as easy as #3, #4, #5

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StaalX is the winner of World of Concrete Innovative Products Award

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Fast, Reliable Delivery

Buyers get an instant quote for full or less than a truckload delivery the next day*. Just enter the delivery address, review your cart and book. We'll do the rest.

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Next day delivery available only for local destinations of stock locations. Orders need to be placed before 10 am local time.

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Seller Benefits

Sellers list their rebar stock on StaalX to achieve a greater customer reach with best prices. Seller have the ability to sell their prime and aging stocks and get paid quickly.

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Become an Affiliate

Your knowledge is golden. Send our instant quotes to interested rebar buyers and get your commissions when the quote turns in to a sale.

How it Works

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Start by entering your delivery address and date in to search box. Use advance search for filtering your options.

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When you search all in the database, the search results may give you products from faraway origins with higher freight costs. More Search Tips

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Get a free instant quote based on full truck load delivered to your address. Enter the number of bundles you want to order. Fill out the truck or pay a delivery fee for less than a truck load.

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Track your order by web or e-mail. Customer service is available by a live representative in the US to help you through.

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